Shipping Insurance

Eliminate loss exposure
and give your customers
peace of mind

APC has partnered with U-PIC to offer complete door-to-door parcel coverage at discounted rates.

  • Saves up to 85% on shipping insurance premiums
  • Claims resolved within 7-10 business days
  • Streamlined electronic claims process with 24 hour access to claim status online
  • Excellent customer service with phone, email and live chat support
  • Easy setup through APC

About U-PIC

U-PIC Insurance Services, Inc., is the leader in providing low cost shipping insurance to businesses and individuals. Packages are covered against damage, loss and theft with a savings of up to 85% less than the carriers charge.

U-PIC is the provider of choice for package insurance for leading eCommerce companies and their clients. Continue to ship with your carrier such as the USPS, FedEx and UPS and insure with U-PIC for less. U-PIC offers low competitive rates, referral programs and an expedited online claims process.

U-PIC has been insuring packages since 1989 and is underwritten by the Navigators Group, Inc., an international specialty insurance holding company. U-PIC is based in Agoura Hills, California.

Underwritten by Navigator’s Insurance